Here are a few photos from where I grew up, including recent ones of the cemetery and the Dairy Queen that are immortalized in my books!

Texas DQ1

Had been driving all day and just arrived in town. And, sadly, this was my SECOND stop at a DQ for the day. Yeow!

proof image0003

Yes, that would be me second from the left, twirling away in my Junior year of high school. Yes, I thought I was hot stuff and yes, it was a freakin' long time ago!

1976-1977 Holliday HS Band

Senior year at a contest in Wichita Falls. Drum Major, standing on the ladder in one of my non-conforming "uniforms," which were way cuter than the stuffy old band suits.

texas 015 - Copy


Did I describe it well in the books???


This was at the beginning of my sophomore year--I had just turned 15. Oh, I knew EVERYTHING!

Paula twirling



TX cemetery 4












There is a very cool story about this cemetery and the bench that I will share here at some point. Fate...or something like that. AND--spoiler alert--there will be something similar about it in Killer Moves!


TX cemetery 1