Paula Boyd / Paula Renaye provides presentations for professional organizations, companies, churches, spiritual groups, writers' groups and academic programs. She is a presenter at conferences and conducts workshops on personal development, as well as writing and publishing. For a schedule of upcoming events, classes and appearances, or to request Paula to speak at your event, visit



6 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Lisa Bobo

    I tried to sign up to possibly be a character in Killer Moves, but was told the page didn't exist when I tried to confirm the subscription:( I hope I didn't miss out! I've enjoyed your books so far...


    1. Admin

      Post author


      Apparently there are still some kinks in the system! I'll get that figured out and send you an email directly. Thank you for letting me know!

    2. Admin

      Post author

      I just checked the list and you are on it, so all is well!
      Thanks so much for signing up!

  2. Sally Darland Daniel

    Tried to sign up to enter the drawing for a character, but was told the site does not exist. :(

    1. Post author

      Sally, Thank you for letting me know! I apparently have a problem that is popping up from my list server. I'm reasonably certain it is operator error, so I'll be talking with the operator about THAT! Yes, sigh, that would be me talking to me!

      I'll make sure your name is the drawing!

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