Hello from Jolene, Lucille & the Kickapoo Gang!

Thanks to all who have written me directly about "finally" getting Killer Moves published. And yes, I've read the "comments" on amazon and elsewhere, speculating about how long it is going to take me to write the next one. I know...I know.... All I can say is that I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, I've put up a few pages from the beginning of A Very Kickapoo Christmas to give you an idea where things are going--at least for now! And, of course, you can read previous of all the other books as well just by clicking the links in the top menu bar.

While I do have a few lapses in sharing what's going on, in my defense, It's hard being the designated keeper of Jolene and Lucille sometimes. And, sometimes, it is A LOT OF FUN!

Speaking of fun...just a gentle reminder that you'll enjoy these cozy mystery books more--and they'll make more sense, or as much sense as a book can with Lucille in it--if you read them in order. Click on each title blow to read a sample. Just be aware that if you go too far with the previews, you'll be diving into some pretty hefty spoilers. With each book, life unfolds, things change and extra craziness ensues that you just need background and a playbook to get the full effect. So, hop on for the ride and let Jolene and Lucille take you on a rollicking romp across Texas with a cast of characters and twisted tales you won't soon forget!

1-Hot Enough to Kill
2-Dead Man Falls
3-Turkey Ranch Road Rage
4-Killer Moves
5-A Very Kickapoo Christmas (Not yet published)

Wishing you much laughter!